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How We Fixed A Dated, Cramped Kitchen And Improved A Bathroom

After raising their family in their Marietta home, our clients were frustrated with the layout and appearance of their kitchen. The space felt cramped, lacked room for gathering, was dark and drab, and simply was not functioning optimally.

While they were eager to create a completely new kitchen, they were skeptical about their kitchen’s potential – was there really room for an island? Could they get everything they wanted? – especially since they were committed to doing the work within a realistic budget. They called us in to envision a fresh new space and spell out exactly how to make it happen.

The Challenge

During our on-site meeting, we walked through the kitchen and its surrounding spaces, and detailed the challenges:

  • The kitchen layout made the room feel small and created functional issues
  • The space lacked a gathering area
  • A dual-height, angled peninsula countertop separated the kitchen from the breakfast area
  • The space needed a major style upgrade

As we dug deeper, it became clear that the client also didn’t love the spaces adjacent to the kitchen. Specifically:

  • There were tight and awkward entrances from the foyer and the garage
  • The shape of the powder room was awkward and completely lacked privacy from the main kitchen area
Alexis taking measurements.

The Solution

Step 1: Structural Renovation Package

We proposed a reconfiguration that kept costs down by leaving most utilities, windows, and door locations unchanged. We did relocate a few non-structural walls to get rid of all the unnecessary angles. The new layout included an island with seating for gathering, an expanded entrance from the foyer, and a hallway providing access from the garage to the powder room and laundry room.

Step 2:  Renovation Fixtures and Finishes Package

Once we nailed down the exact layout, we selected all of the pretty stuff including paint (we recommended colors for the other rooms on the main floor too), cabinet style and colors, countertops, backsplash, lighting, drawer pulls, faucet, sink, appliances, and more.

Once everything was sampled, priced, and finalized the contractor brought it all to life.

The Result

The new kitchen is everything the clients wanted and so much more! Creative solutions, thoughtful planning, detailed direction, and reliable partners allowed our clients to accomplish all of their goals.

Their new kitchen is fresh, functional, and spacious.

The adjacent powder room is bright, modern, and, thanks to a new entrance, more private.

The updated breakfast area is now more visually connected to the main kitchen area.

The laundry room has been expanded to serve as a full mudroom with more private access to the powder room. 

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